Most common types of STDs among teens

Chlamydia400xChlamydia: 40 percent of those with Chlamydia are teens aged ages 15 to 19. Teenage females were three times as likely as teenage males to carry this STD. Black or African American individuals were eight times as likely to have Chlamydia as white people or other races.


4.1.1Gonorrhea: While overall a higher percentage of males are known to carry Gonorrhea, female teens ages 15 to 19 carry the highest rates of Gonorrhea of the total population infected. However the number difference between males and females who carry this sexually transmitted disease is minimal, although black females tend to show the highest rates among the total number of carriers. Overall, blacks had 20.5 times the Gonorrhea rates as whites.


4.1.1Syphilis; Syphilis rates increased the most among teens and young adults aged 15 to 24 during the past six years. Males tend to be the majority of syphilis carriers. Men who have sex with other men have a higher rate, nearly 80 percent, of the total number of males who are infected with this sexually transmitted disease. Black individuals have 9.1 times the reported syphilis rates compared to whites.